19 years old Matt Par — Runs 9 Different YouTube Channels Without Making Videos

3 min readMay 29, 2021


Matt Par Runs 9 Different YouTube Channels Without Making Videos

Billions of individuals watch YouTube recordings consistently. Presently when a great many people consider turning into a YouTuber, at that point consider getting behind a camera and recording recordings. Matt Par, a 19 year old business visionary, has adopted a completely unique strategy.

On 8 of the 9 distinctive YouTube channels that Matt runs, he recruits others to make the recordings for him. The solitary work he does on those channels is thinking of video thoughts and afterward transferring and enhancing recordings which he says is the place where his aptitude is. The solitary channel where he really shows his face is his own image channel where he shows others YouTube.

Matt is no more abnormal to YouTube, indeed he’s been running Youtube channels since he was just 14.

Matt is no more peculiar to YouTube, truth be told he’s been running Youtube channels since he was just 14. From that point forward, he has gotten a huge number of supporters and countless perspectives across his channels. Standard has even procured the gold play button grant from YouTube for hoarding 1,000,000 endorsers on his top channel and a few silver play catches for arriving at 100,000 supporters on different channels.

Standard says that when every one of his companions were playing computer games when he was in secondary school, he was playing the round of YouTube. Sorting out what works, what doesn’t, and afterward multiplying down on what works. Presently, with his enormous information on the YouTube stage, Matt has started showing others his methodologies. He has delivered a preparation program considered Tube Mastery and Monetization that uncovers his privileged insights for YouTube achievement.

Matt Par concedes that you presumably will not get fruitful overnight, in any case in the event that you put in the work and stick to it as he did, at that point he genuinely accepts the sky is the limit. To add to it, Matt says “If a broke secondary school understudy who began with nothing can do this, I genuinely accept that anybody can.” an opportunity to begin with YouTube is currently since the video stage is filling in clients and viewership regular, simply try to be steady and consider gaining from somebody who understands what works.

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