HOW I MANAGED TO lose weight 350 lbs!! Natural way of burning the body fat.

4 min readMay 25, 2021


You definitely heard that right…! I lost 350 lbs…

Have you tried every diet known to man and still can’t lose weight?

Do you hit the gym, have a trainer, and exercise as much as you can?

Also eat healthy food, consume fewer calories, and yet the scale just…doesn’t…budge?

Often times weight loss resistance is at play. It’s not as simple anymore as eating less and exercising more.

In fact with all the modern health issues we are contending with, that old, worn out philosophy makes the situation worse and people actually continue to gain weight.

It takes such an emotional toll to put in so much effort without receiving any reward or desired effect.

That is when you have to look deeper, and hopefully the silver lining will be discovering what your body truly needs so you can achieve not only long lasting weight loss, but also true vibrant health that allows you to lead a life full of energy and passion.

Getting in shape is a perplexing, baffling, and frequently troublesome interaction for some grown-ups. A large number of grown-ups battle to get in shape each and every day. Fortunately we’ve gotten familiar with what causes heftiness and weight acquire and in the course of the most recent couple of years it has become evident that low center internal heat level assumes an indispensable part in weight the executives.

What’s the Deal with Supplements?

If the metabolism isn’t balanced, supplements targeted to boost and balance the metabolism will not be as effective and can even be harmful. Supplements should be used as supplements, and again, not relied on for the results an appropriate diet and lifestyle can provide. Only when the metabolism has healed will supplements like green tea extract be effective.

However, I must pipe in and say that a few other underlying causes I often see for weight loss resistance are lack of sleep, food intolerances, toxicity, and dysbiosis or leaky gut syndrome. When lab work identifies these as root causes, I am a big fan of gentle cleansing supplements, as well as digestive enzymes, probiotics, and something to help heal the lining of the intestines as you find and eat the right diet and manage stress and sleep.

Digestion is the seat of our health and enzymes will help deliver the nutrients from our food, which can then feed the thyroid and the rest of the body. Probiotics can help us manufacture our own B vitamins, essential for energy production and metabolism so those are my two non-shiftable supplements I put everyone on who would like to lose weight.

Once the weight gain starts, you will keep on gaining weight, and it leads to several health issues as well. One of the main blockages for shedding weight is poor metabolism. As you get old, metabolism slows down naturally. So, at this point, weight loss becomes challenging. To control this process, you need to follow certain rules and diet.

There are thousands of weight loss supplements available on the market. You should be very careful in choosing a supplement for weight loss since most of them contain harmful chemicals. It is essential to filter out weight loss supplements with natural ingredients. Meticore is one such natural weight loss supplement that quickly targets stubborn fat.

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About Meticore Supplement

Among many supplements available in the weight loss industry, Meticore is famous for its uniqueness. The main reason behind this is, Meticore offers you six best plants and nutrients that are perfect for weight loss. One of the fuels for weight loss is low core temperature. When the body maintains a low core temperature, it is straightforward to supercharge metabolism. This secret can be applied, and it gives the best results both in men and women.

Meticore is a scientifically designed and 100 percent natural solution for weight loss. It directly targets your metabolism and fixes the root cause. Meticore is designed and manufactured in the USA. The ingredients are packed correctly so that Meticore can electrify your metabolism along with rejuvenating it. There are thousands of fat burners available on the market, but Meticore stands out among them. It is proven to be a natural and powerful weight loss supplement.


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