How to Build Your First Blog Online on Blogger for Free

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Is it accurate to say that you are a hopeful blogger who is considering how to make a blog on the web? Here are the bit-by-bit guidelines to make a blog on Blogger. These simple tasks to make a blog will give you a thought of where to begin.

Having a blog is something extraordinary on the grounds that you can share anything you need (… and in case you are savvy you can likewise procure a respectable pay from your blog).

Around here at martechspotblog, we will expound on many writing elements for a blogging platform that you can use to make a blog for yourself. I ordinarily propose making a blog utilizing your own space and facilitating and making your blog through WordPress(.org).

Numerous beginners who need to begin publishing content to a blog would prefer not to cause an underlying venture of assets to make a blog. This is totally sensible.

There are many writing platforms for a blog stage which offer clients the capacity to make free web journals. In case you are searching for a basic free blog, my idea is begin publishing content to a blog with or

You can eventually advance and end up being more master with a self-worked with WordPress blog. BlogSpot permits you to make a free blog, however it has few limitations.

Be that as it may, as I referenced above, for a novice it is an incredible method to figure out how to make a blog and start the contributing to a blog cycle.

This post is devoted to the “amateurs” or “beginners” who are new to blogging and might want to begin by learning the rudiments engaged with the interaction.

There are a couple of things you should know:

  • BlogSpot is a contributing to a blog stage fueled by Google. It offers you a chance to begin a blog, however the entirety of your pictures will be facilitated by Picasa (likewise part of Google). BlogSpot, in this sense, is a Google-driven contributing to a blog platform.
  • Also, if the objective of your blog is to bring in cashflow and to have a blog that is proficient by all accounts, I would suggest that you make your blog utilizing WordPress. It’s simple, and with the assistance of our selective free WordPress guide, you can make your blog in the following an hour.

To start your free BlogSpot, head over to and login utilizing your Google account. On the off chance that you don’t have a Google (gmail) account, you can make one for nothing.

For a first-time frame client, you will see an alternative to utilize the personality from your Google In addition to profile, or you can utilize your restricted BlogSpot profile. I suggest utilizing your Google in addition to profile.

Whenever you are signed in, click on “new blog” or snap on this connect to straightforwardly go there: Make a free blog

Name your blog:

The primary thing you need to do is add a name and select your space. Try not to utilize your own name as the area name, and on second thought utilize some conventional space name that you can mark later with a custom area.

Confirm your Display name:

You would then be able to choose a blog format (you can transform it whenever) and click on “Create Blog”.

Presently your blog is made, yet you are not done at this point!

There are a couple of settings that you need to set on your recently made BlogSpot blog to make it simple to utilize.

You are currently on the BlogSpot dashboard where you will see your blog’s backend. From here you can go to “Settings” and make changes to work on your blog’s perceivability.

Here is a screen capture of what you ought to be seeing:

From here you can click on “Posts” > “New post” and start writing your very first blog post!

But before you publish your first post, I would recommend that you go to “Pages” and create at least one “About” page describing who you are and what your blog is about.

Most importantly, you should change your blog’s template as the default one is boring (in my opinion).

Below is the BlogSpot templates that you can download and install on your blog. You can go to “Settings” > “Template” and change the template from there.

See the list below which shows the recently added themes, that you can choose from.

  • Contempo
  • Soho
  • Emporio
  • Notable
  • Essential
  • Simple
  • Dynamic Views
  • Picture Window
  • Awesome Inc.
  • Watermark
  • Ethereal
  • Travel

When I created my first blog on Blogger, I used the Awesome Inc. template. This is how my blog looked…

On this page, you can also add a logo to the header of your BlogSpot blog, add or remove various other features.

To give your blog a pretty look, play around with the layout settings and ensure that you have set up a Header, Footer, Page list as belows:

Once you have a few blog posts up and running, you can go to “Settings” > “Earnings” and enable AdSense for your blog. This will allow you to earn money from your free BlogSpot blog.

Read a guide on how to sign up for an AdSense account.

Below are the settings you should look out for:

So your blog is almost ready and you can start writing posts. There are just a few more things I suggest you do. Go to settings section and here you can amend the Adult content settings, and link your Google Analytics Property ID.

Click here to set up your Google Analytics account

Note: This post is meant for every reader out there who does not already have a blog and is looking for an easy way to create a free blog.

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